Minoru Nomata 展

미노루 노마타


映遠 - Far Sights


Points of View-31, 2004



화이트 큐브 서울


2024. 1. 12(금) ▶ 2024. 3. 2(토)

서울특별시 강남구 도산대로45길 6 | T.02-6438-9093





Forthcoming Places-6, 1996



White Cube is pleased to present ‘映遠 – Far Sights’, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Japanese artist Minoru Nomata. For his debut presentation in Korea, Nomata invokes the aesthetics of the sublime to explore the notion of boundless expanse – whether that be in the mind or our very universe. Conveyed through the first part of the title ‘映遠’, to mean ‘reflecting distance’ in Japanese, Nomata envisions landscapes where vertiginous architectural forms stand in serene grandeur, emerging from low horizon lines that blur the frontier between Earth and the cosmos. Spanning the past two decades of the artist’s practice, the works in this exhibition negotiate realities both concrete and oneiric, embracing uncertainties of time, place and perspective.



Eastbound-3, 1999



Far Sights-2010, 2010



Far Sights-7, 2009






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