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Whispering Raindrops Of The Hologram Forest


Too Much Time To Be Without Love_Acrylic on canvas_200x160cm_2023



두아르트 스퀘이라 서울


2023. 3. 11(토) ▶ 2023. 5. 6(토)

서울특별시 강남구 도산대로54길 27, 2층 | T.0507-1307-8186



The Cottage Opposite_Acrylic on canvas_200x160cm_2023



Duarte Sequeira is thrilled to announce Whispering Raindrops Of The Hologram Forest, the first solo exhibition of Tom Howse in Portugal.

Tom Howse creates tender worlds shaped by personal and collective nostalgia, where surprises await the viewer, heralding genuine inquiries into the human experience. The exhibition will include a new body of work consisting of 20 paintings that follow two distinct artistic approaches: one focusing on interiors and the other on exterior spaces, evoking the psychological states of being alone but also, surrounded by a community, loved ones, family and friends.

The paintings incorporate an anthropological examination of human behavior, including our needs and emotions, as well as the irrationality, beauty, silliness, and fragility of existence. As we explore and look for alternatives to the status quo through thought and introspection, Howse\'s work emphasize happiness and positivity despite the uncertainties of the modern world. The artist is fascinated by the idea of creating entire worlds, and his paintings convey a strong sense of empathy and compassion for the characters and their interactions. The cozy interior spaces include windows, paintings, carpets, plants, and furniture that hold the ability to create links and estrangement from one world to another. These paintings use the window as a symbol of separation from the outside world and hold introspective qualities reminiscent of quiet songs about solitude. The rugs represent the acknowledgment of other people but have no real connection or link to them. There is a desire to leave behind the limitations of the home, but also there is a realization that it is challenging to escape the reality of everyday life. The paintings of exterior views are the exact opposite focused on family, friendship, and social gatherings that invite the viewers to join in and become a part of.



An Archive Of Contentedness_Acrylic on canvas_200x160cm_2023



The Android Pigeon Farmer_Acrylic on canvas_130x170cm_2023



When Your Not Around I Don’t Really Notice

(It’s Just A Coincidence That Everything Is Less Good And I’m Much Happier When Your Here)_

Acrylic on canvas_130x170cm_2023






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