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2022. 11. 24(목) ▶ 2022. 12. 6(화)

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Flower on the top_120x90cm_oil on canvas_2020



Vincent Greby

The result is astonishing pieces that can be contemplated as much as questioned. The inner experience that these paintings give us is mainly of the order of questioning of the intimate. One does not emerge unscathed, but strengthened. I have tried to show that beyond pictorial beauty, painting must speak to you. It is not just a simple decorative object, it must be a revelation of your life. This is exactly the role played by Vincent\'s paintings.

Gaultier Roux Writer, France, Recently lives in Bardia, Nepal



Flower on the top_120x90cm_oil on canvas_2020



L indolente_180x110cm_oil on canvas_2022



Alone together_165x106cm_oil on canvas_2021






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